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Asbestos yarn is made by twisting two or more strands of asbestos yarn and other Fibre yarn. Asbestos metallic jointing yarn is twisted by asbestos yarn and metal wire. All above-mentioned asbestos yarn is suitable for making all kinds of asbestos products or as thermal retention, heat-insulation material on thermal installations and heat conducting systems.

According to loss on ignition, there are 5 patterns of asbestos yarn: SS-16;SS-19;SS-24;SS-28;SS-32(Note:1-3×100m=1kg)Other technical data per REGULATION JCC221-79.

Asbestos braided packing, made by asbestos yarn(or together with metal wire),are used as heat-insulation or filling materials for all kinds of thermal installation and heat-conducting systems.
4 patterns of asbestos braided packing.

Asbestos twisted packing: Made by asbestos yarn. It has 5 types:SN-16;SN-19;SN-24;SN-28;SN-32,Size specification:3-50±0.3-0.5mm.
FD102 F102
Asbestos braided round packing: round thread made of asbestos yarn. It has 5 types:SY-16;SY-19;SY-24;SY28;SY-32,Size spectification:6~50±0.5~2mm.
FD103 F103
Asbestos braided square packing: square thread made of asbestos yarn. It has 5 types:SF-16;SF-19;SF-24;SF-28;SF-32.Size specification :6~50±0.5~2mm.
FD104 F104
Asbestos ropes lagging: asbestos Fibre-filled rope lagging with open mesh cover braided form asbestos yarn. It has 3 types: SC-24;SC-27;SC-32,Size specification:13-50±0.3-0.5mm.
Other technical data as listed in REGULATION JC222-79.

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