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Hebei Fuyuan Sealing Materials Co., Ltd. (Hebei Jingxian Asbestos Rubber Sheets Factory)is a modern hi-tech enterprise specialized in production and sales of asbestos rubber sheets with an experience of more than ten years. We are equipped with the most advanced and complete machines and test facilities to produce quality asbestos rubber sheets products.

Our factory enjoys convenient transport being sited in North of Wangtong Railway Station of Shide Railway, very close to Dezhou City of Shandong. Established in 1990s, It is a big enterprise in asbestos rubber sheets line with an occupation area of 38600 square meter, a building area of 9800 square meter and an annual productive capacity of over 4000 MT.

Our featured products are "Bright Pearl" brand asbestos rubber sheets series products, mainly high, medium and low pressure asbestos rubber sheets, oil resistance asbestos rubber sheets, acid resistance asbestos rubber sheets and reinforced asbestos rubber sheets with metal wire lining. Besides above-mentioned products, we have recently developed a non-asbestos rubber sheets. We can also produce asbestos rubber sheets used against certain special media.

We produce the most complete varieties of asbestos rubber sheets with good quality and reliable property and sell them in over 20 provinces and cities of China, also export to South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and Middle-east. Our asbestos rubber sheets and other related products enjoy good reputation among customers and widely used in power supply, metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, chemical, ship-making, transport and some other industries.
Mr.Wang Junyan, on behalf of all the staff, would like to express our sincere appreciation for all the customers. We cordially welcome the opportunity to cooperate with you on the basis of mutual benefit and good reputation.
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